Brad Lannon
Web Developer & Ninja Troubleshooter

About Me

As an experienced and versatile IT Specialist for the last 6 years working at Darose Control Systems Ltd, I’ve acquired a wealth of technical skills within the IT sector, with extensive technical support, network administration, software development and database management. During this time I have worked with several multi-million dollar corporate clients around the world, including those in the Dairy, Seafood, and Lumber industry.

In my spare time, when I'm not enjoying the outdoors, you can usually find me doing many of my favorite hobbies including playing music, tinkering with electronics, and developing websites. In the past year I've really taken a liking to Node.js and the possibilities is has to offer in web development. On the front side of things, my weapons of choice are Photoshop/Inkscape for sketching layouts and Sublime Text to produce clean semantic code. Generally I prefer the actual development side of things, however I do like to experiment with new and exciting layouts. I find it's a fun and exiting industry to be in as technology is always changing. If you are interested in seeing my online portfolio, please visit my Lanteka website.



I have an Arduino set up at my home in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Would you like to control it?

Readable Values

  • Photoresistor: { myArduino.photoValue }
  • Potentiometer: { myArduino.potValue }
  • Distance Sensor: { myArduino.pingValue }
  • Push Button: { myArduino.pushValue }
  • Motion Sensor: { myArduino.motionValue }

Writable Values

To use my Arduino, first click the 'Yes' button above and then answer the question in the textbox that pops up (hint: answer is 2). Once you do this, you will have access to my LCD display, Servo Motor, multiple RGB LEDs, and even my webcam.

If you do not wish to gain access to my Arduino, then you can still just view live/read-only data coming from the said microprocessor. However, if you are viewing this site on your mobile device and are not connected to a wifi hotspot, it is very possible that you could incure data charges from your service provider as information on this site is constantly being updated and downloaded to your phone (no different than Facebook really). Thanks and enjoy my site!!

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